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2 Big Problems Caused By Excessive Snow

With winter fast approaching, the snow is already falling in many parts of the country. Sure, snow might not seem like that big of a deal to some, but it can cause more damage than you realize. While snow is pretty, it can leave you in need of a number of different repairs around your home. Consider some of the different problems snow might cause you this coming winter. Roof Leaking and Caving Inside of the Home Read More 

How To Cope With Roadway Repair

It seems like no matter where you live, there is always some kind of road repair going on. In fact, there is about23,000 miles of roadways that are being worked on per year at any given time. This is a good thing because the roadways are constantly being improved and maintained but it can also be difficult because there can be more traffic, rougher roads, and other problems that may hinder you from driving. Read More 

3 Common Causes of Basement Sewer Pipe Backups & How to Identify Them

If you own a home with a private sewer pipe under your basement, it's extremely important that you do your best to fix any backup problems you find as soon as they appear. While it's true that all types of sewer backups have similar characteristics, it's nonetheless important to identify the cause of your problem in order to find the most efficient solution. So when you're diagnosing what's wrong with your basement sewer pipe, keep these three common causes in mind. Read More 

How To Replace A Glass Pane In An Aluminum Window Frame

If you have an aluminum window frame with a broken windowpane, you can actually repair it yourself instead of taking it to a professional. The whole process will take a half hour, and require a couple basic tools. Gathering Materials and Tools. In order to get started with your window repair, you will need to gather these materials and tools. Replacement glass pane T-square Hammer Flathead screwdriver Putty knife Glass cutter Glazing putty Silicone Safety glasses Safety gloves Removing The Old Glazing Putty And Glass Read More 

How To Connect Your Own Washer And Dryer Set

Did you purchase a washer and dryer that came without installation? Perhaps it was delivered while you weren't home--or maybe it was a used set. Either way, connecting a washer and dryer is actually a relatively simple process. Unfortunately, if you get it wrong, you could be looking at some water damage. Attaching the Washer The washer is a little harder to attach than the dryer. If you already have a washer installed, turn off the two spigots behind the washer before you proceed--they are your hot and cold water pipes. Read More