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Caring For Your Newly-Plastered Pool

Installing a private swimming pool on your property ensures that your friends and family will always have access to a refreshing recreational activity. In order to prevent your pool from becoming a source of stress, you need to take the time to properly maintain the interior surface of the pool. This is best accomplished by investing in new plaster to prevent leaks and unsightly stains from plaguing your pool. Caring for a newly-plastered pool requires some unique attention to detail. Read More 

3 Tips to Keep Your Fridge in Good Condition

Just about every home these days has at least one refrigerator. The fridge is an appliance that we depend on to keep our food and drinks cold, and it's also something that can often be taken for granted until something goes wrong. If you want your fridge to continue functioning properly for years to come, you'll want to perform some regular maintenance tasks on it just like you would for any other part of your house. Read More 

Security Improvements For Your Fieldston Estate

Fieldston is one of the most exclusive areas in the New York City area. It's located in The Bronx, near Riverdale. It is a private community, home to mansions, and, yet, it is an un-gated area. You will find some of the wealthiest people in NYC here, but anyone can drive or walk past the mansions. If you and your family have a multi-million dollar estate, then you understand how important security it. Read More 

A Guide To Industrial Cleaning And Maintenance

Your industrial building requires ongoing maintenance from some contractors that handle a number of different specialties. Being a good steward of your industrial building will not only make your company a comfortable place to work, it sets the tone for the way that you conduct business overall. To this end, read these points below to consider a few of the main things that you can do to keep your industrial building at its best. Read More 

How To Dig A Well And Access An Aquifer Through Several Feet Of Rock

When you have to dig a new well but you live in very rocky country, you may have some unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges has to do with finding an aquifer that will deliver plenty of fresh water to the well. If you have located such an aquifer, but it is several feet below solid rock, there are ways to get to it. Drilling Probably one of the best ways to get to the aquifer, especially if it is farther down than eight to twelve feet, is to hire an oil drilling company. Read More