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Tech Ed: Teaching Kids How Compressed Air Works And How To Repair An Air Compressor

In middle school and high school, students have the opportunity to choose some of their electives. One of those electives, "tech ed," has a long history of teaching kids how things work, how to fix things and how to build other devices and useful objects. It is, in essence, a preparatory course for engineering careers. If you are a "tech ed" teacher, consider showing and teaching your students how compressed air powers construction tools, and then show them how to fix a compressor. Read More 

Replacing Your Old Cellulose Insulation? Learn How To Properly Remove The Old Stuff

It's important that your home has reliable insulations so that your HVAC system's efficiency is maximized. Cellulose insulation used to be popular with homeowners because it was priced low, made from recycled materials, and had a high R-value at the time. If the cellulose insulation in your home is fairly old, you may be ready to replace it with something more efficient like spray foam. This means that you will have to remove all of the old insulation in the attic. Read More 

Build Your Own Custom Fire Pit

An outdoor custom fireplace is a great way to add some character to your garden and will allow you to enjoy quiet nights with friends and family surrounded by warmth. Installing your own fire pit in your garden is a very easy job that will take you less than an hour if you've got the right materials. You won't need any tools for this job and it won't require any concrete or mortar if you're building it on an existing patio surface. Read More 

Everything You Need To Know About Building A Tree House In Your Yard

Children have enjoyed a backyard tree house for centuries. Children can help design one, but the house must have essential structure for safety purposes. Moving forward with the project will require some basic skills. While in the planning stages, it is best to start small. Don't over-extend the budget. Questions Before You build Examine your building skills. Are you effective with basic tools, including a screw driver, a hammer, or a saw to begin the project? Read More 

Why You Should Choose A Ductless Heat Pump

The traditional way to heat and cool a home is to use an AC unit for cooling and a furnace for heating. Just because this is the traditional way does not mean that it is the best way. You can use a heat pump to both heat and cool your home, which can help you to cut down on installation costs, and you can use a ductless system to provide more targeted and efficient cooling. Read More