What Is A Chef’s Kitchen? Should You Add One?

Should you make the extra effort to turn your kitchen into a chef's kitchen during your big remodel? Many homeowners have chosen this key upgrade for good reason. But it's not for everyone either. Here's what you need to know to decide if a chef's kitchen is a good choice for you.

What Is a Chef's Kitchen?

A chef's kitchen meets the needs of a professional chef (or baker). It goes a step beyond a standard residential kitchen and offers more flexibility in what's prepared and how it's prepared. For instance, a gas stove has higher temperature ranges than an electric one, so it allows room for experimentation and growth. A chef's kitchen is also tailored to the specific styles of the users more than traditional kitchens. 

What Is In a Chef's Kitchen?

In general, a chef's kitchen includes a few common features. They are:

  • Plenty of workspaces
  • Room for more than one cook
  • Multiple ovens
  • At least two deeper sinks
  • A professional refrigerator
  • Warming drawers
  • Gas stoves

Beyond these features, your particular chef's kitchen is personalized to target what's most useful or necessary for your cooking trends. You might opt for a freezer with antimicrobial properties, multiple dishwashers, personalized storage, a faucet over the stove, a grill, or a pizza oven.

Who May Want a Chef's Kitchen?

Clearly, anyone who cooks on a professional level should have a suitable kitchen. But homeowners who do higher-end cooking on their own or want to build their skills also benefit. Small food entrepreneurs who are trying to start a business or build a client base may also pay for these important upgrades. In addition, the more entertaining you do for larger groups, the more you need the extra space and appliances. 

Who May Not Want a Chef's Kitchen?

Of course, not everyone is a good candidate for chef's kitchen upgrades. Avoid the temptation to overspend on a kitchen you aren't likely to use just because it's popular. You may spend up to twice the cost of a standard kitchen renovation, so be sure the return on your investment — in time and effort — is worth the cost. A hobby cook or baker may get plenty from targeted upgrades, such as multiple sinks.

Those with a limited floor plan may also want to carefully consider how the extra size will impact the adjacent areas. If you must reduce the size of a family room or living room, is the extra space in the kitchen going to be as well-utilized? 

Where Can You Start?

Learn more about chef's kitchens, their common features, and their special options by meeting with an experienced kitchen remodeling service in your area today. Together, you can craft the right kitchen for your family no matter how you plan to use it.