Septic Maintenance And Management Tips To Take Care Of Emergency Problems

When your home is set up on a septic system within your own property, it is your responsibility to handle any maintenance or repairs on the system. You should keep an eye on the time since your last septic pumping occurred so you can repeat it when it is recommended again, but you also need to watch for any septic emergencies and problems so you can take care of them immediately. Here are some tips to help you manage, maintain, and handle circumstances that can come up with your home septic sewer system.

Watch For Problems

Despite having a septic pumping schedule set up based on your household size and the size of the septic tank, you may still encounter problems that crop up and require you to arrange for an emergency pumping. Watch out for signs inside your home and also outside on your property around the location of the tank and drain field.

If you smell odors of sewage outside or in your home, or the drain field site has become swampy with excessive water, this indicates that there may be a clog in the system pipe or drain field or your tank is full. This type of problem can also occur if you have a leaky faucet or toilet, or have put an excessive amount of water into your system. 

Another situation that can require an emergency tank pumping is if you notice your drains have begun to flow slowly and back up frequently. When you have backups from your toilet that occur repeatedly or your kitchen sink does not drain its water as it normally should, contact a septic professional for emergency services.

Maintain Your Septic Alarm System

Some septic tanks have their own internal level gauge that connects to an alarm system for your home. This is to help you know when your septic tank has reached full capacity and if you need to contact a pumping professional for service. They will recognize if your situation is an emergency and can dispatch someone to your property quickly. Normally with a routine septic pumping service, you can schedule it in advance a few days out.

When your septic service professional arrives, they will access your tank and pump it out completely. At this point, they can check the interior of your tank for any problems that may be present, such as a crack in the tank or a problem with the alarm system's electrical components. This alarm system is a great benefit but you want to make sure it is kept up in good condition so you can always rely upon it to work properly.

Contact an emergency sewer pumping service for more information.