Extending The Life Of Your Asphalt: What You Need To Know

Asphalt pavement is an incredibly reliable surface for homeowners and business owners alike. Regardless of whether the asphalt surface is a driveway or a parking lot, asphalt tends to be superior to other pavement materials due to its integrity and durability. As a general rule, an asphalt surface can last about 25 years, but there are numerous factors that can change that. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about maintaining your asphalt pavement and extending its lifespan.

Cleaning Your Asphalt

Asphalt surfaces will change due to constant exposure to sun, rain, and other elements. Over a period of time, these types of elements can result in damage to bonds that provide durability and strength to the asphalt material. In order to protect the asphalt surface, you will want to use a garden hose to rinse off the surface regularly. If you have some hard-to-remove dirt or oil stains, a mild detergent may need to be used to soak the stains before rinsing the surface with water.

Your Asphalt and the Weather

Depending on where you live, water and moisture may be a significant concern for you and your asphalt surface, particularly over the winter season when the air is brisk, the temperatures are lower, and the moisture is increased. All of these weather conditions can result in the contraction of your asphalt, eventually leading to cracks. The best way to prolong your asphalt is to work with a local asphalt company that is familiar with the local weather conditions, as they will be familiar with special mixtures that work with the conditions.

Importance of Sealcoating

As your asphalt experiences years of weather exposure, it will take on some serious damage. Cracks tend to be the most common form of damage experienced, but these cracks open up the asphalt to other forms of damage like erosion due to the water seeping into the material. During colder weather, the cracks will get larger. During warmer weather, the asphalt will get brittle. By having a professional come out and apply a layer of sealant over the surface every few years, you can keep the moisture out, prevent cracks from getting larger, and simply keep the asphalt looking great.

Knowing When to Replace

There will come a time when your asphalt driveway or parking lot is beyond repair. In these cases, a complete replacement may be necessary. As a general rule, this is recommended when the asphalt has become so damaged that it is unable to perform the way it should and simply cannot be restored with a sealcoat or overlay. If you are in the process of moving and selling your home, you may want to consider improving the appearance of your asphalt pavement by replacing it, which could improve the value of your property and increase the chances of the property selling quickly.

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