Custom Gate and Fence Design Ideas to Meet Building Standard Requirements

If you are planning on completely enclosing the property around your home with a new fence, there are some things to consider about the design. In the back of your home, there are fewer restrictions, but you will want to make sure the fence and gate designs look good and meet building requirements in front of your home. The following custom gate and fence design ideas will help ensure your new fence meets all the modern building standards for new fencing that will be required for your home:

1. Choose the Right Height and Style of Fencing Materials

While you may not be too limited on the height that you can make fencing in the back of your home, in the front of your home your fence usually needs to be lower. This is to have an uninterrupted view of architecture that preserves the appearance of neighborhoods and historic districts. Iron fencing is a great material to create a lower fence that meets the visibility requirements is.

2. Install the Gates and Opener for Driveway Entrances 

If you are completely enclosing your property, one of the features that you will need is an attractive gated entrance. This can be done with wrought iron fence designs easily, but you will also want to consider professional mechanical installations for electrical wiring, intercoms and the gate opener. If you have electrical and mechanical installations done, these features will also require inspections in most areas.

3. Meet Privacy and Visibility Requirements 

One of the features that you may want to achieve with your new fence is privacy, which can be difficult in front of your home due to visibility requirements. To get around this, consider using features in landscaping that create green screens for privacy. Also, use reduce visibility as far as possible to the front of your home to maximize privacy wherever possible.

4. Blending Differences in Materials Used for Front and Back Fencing

There may also be differences in the type of materials you use in front of your home and to enclose the back yard. You will want these materials to blend nicely for a uniform and attractive fence. This can be done with features like wood and privacy covers that are on both fences and blend into the backyard, or by using similar iron fencing for the gate and start of the fencing in the backyard.

These are some tips to help ensure the gates and fencing in front of your home meet all the building requirements that need to be met when installing a new fence. If you are ready to completely enclose your property, contact an iron fence and gate contractor and talk to them about some of the needs for the new fence in front of your home.