Why Are Pole-Mounted Transformers Popular In Rural Areas?

Both pole-mounted and pad-mounted transformers can be found in cities, towns and rural areas. In many rural areas, though, you might notice that pole-mounted transformers are actually more popular. If you are wondering why pole-mounted transformers are put to use so much in rural areas, consider these key reasons. Then, if you are trying to decide on the types of transformers that you're going to purchase for your business, you might discover that pole-mounted transformers are going to be better if your business is located in a rural area.

They Won't Be Damaged By Animals as Easily

One problem that is often a bigger concern in rural areas than in the city is the possibility of an animal causing damage to pad-mounted transformers. Pad-mounted transformers that are installed in rural areas could easily be damaged by deer and other wild animals. Although there is still the concern of birds, squirrels, and some other creatures damaging pole-mounted transformers, there are fewer risks than there are for transformers that are installed at ground level.

It's Harder for Them to Be Vandalized

You might typically associate vandalism with the city, but it can also be common in rural areas. In fact, it can actually be a bigger problem in rural areas than you might think, since there are often fewer people and cameras around to see it when it happens. Pole-mounted transformers are much less prone to vandalism.

They Don't Take Up Space on the Ground

One reason why pole-mounted transformers are sometimes considered to be better than pad-mounted transformers is the fact that they don't take space up on the ground. Not only is this helpful in the city, where there might not be much available real estate, but it can also be handy in rural areas where a lot of the land might be used for farming. If transformers are mounted on a pole, then you don't have to worry about them getting in the way of using the land for other purposes, such as growing crops or keeping livestock.

It's Harder for Them to Become Flooded

Depending on the area, flooding can sometimes be a problem in rural communities, particularly during big storms like hurricanes. Pad-mounted transformers are at great risk of being damaged if they are submerged in water during a flood. Pole-mounted transformers, on the other hand, are installed high enough off the ground that this is not a concern.