Living In A Home That Could Use Some Visual Inspiration? Painting Tips You Need To Know

The problem with cookie-cutter homes is real, but the causes can vary. Many visually generic homes are deliberately designed that way to fit what most average home buyer's expect to find in their next home. DIY home improvement shows and real estate websites make their own contribution to mundane housing by recommending that homeowners avoid using strong colors when preparing a home for the market.

In addition to these causes of visual mediocrity, there are also many homes that have suffered cosmetic problems due to past renovations or repairs. No matter the cause, homeowners who have grown weary of living in a dull, uninspiring, or just plain ugly home can use these tips to help address and overcome any visual problems and add some welcome inspiration. 

Overcoming the small room

Applying paint can help small rooms look larger and more interesting just by using a few shades of the same color family throughout the room. For instance, painting one wall darker blue and then using lighter shades of blue on the ceiling and painting the remaining three walls a medium shade of blue can help to pull the eye around the room and make the space feel larger. 

Making low ceilings feel higher

Low ceilings cause another visual problem that many owners of older homes face after one or more renovation projects. This often happens when porches or added square footage is enclosed to create living space without also raising the roof line to accommodate a higher interior ceiling.

The use of paint can make low ceilings look higher. Three examples of this include: 

  • painting the ceiling white to pull the eye upward
  • extending ceiling color several inches downward onto the walls
  • painting the ceiling with a high gloss paint to reflect light 

If the room with the low ceiling is also a small one, using a darker color on one or two walls is also helpful. 

Creating light in a dark room

Stark white surfaces are an effective way to address dark rooms or areas in your home. This includes woodwork, shelving, crown molding, and trim. By painting all surfaces in the room with a brilliant white or light finish, they will be better able to reflect any available light and carry it throughout the space. 

Paint is an inexpensive solution to many common home decorating problems. If you are wondering what you can do to create more visual interest in your home, make an appointment to discuss your concerns with a reputable interior painting service in your area. Taking this step can help you restore beauty and interest in even the plainest home. For more information, contact a company like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc.