What To Know When Deciding Whether To Add Automated Doors To Your Business’s Building

Automatic doors can be a common feature for most modern businesses. However, business owners that are looking to open their enterprise may have to settle for a building that does not currently have these doors installed. When this is the case, learning more about these doors may be the first step in determining whether to make this upgrade to your new business's building.

Can Automatic Doors Be Effectively Locked?

When your business is closed, the doors to it will have to be secured. Unfortunately, business owners might be under the assumption that automatic doors are far more difficult to secure than more traditional doors. Luckily, this is not exactly the case as these doors can be very easy to secure as they will have a powerful and durable locking mechanism. Furthermore, the glass used in these doors will be extremely resistant to shattering or breaking, and they can be connected to automated security systems to provide notifications when unauthorized entry is detected.

Are Automatic Door Sensors Reliable?

Automated doors will be controlled with sensors that can detect when individuals get close enough to them. Under normal conditions, these sensors will be extremely reliable. However, they will need to be periodically cleaned and aligned to keep them in good working condition. Older sensors may need to be replaced, but you will likely have some warning signs before they completely fail. In particular, you may find that they will provide increasingly unreliable performance. Once this problem is identified, they should be replaced, which is a simple repair that should last for at least several years before it will need to be done again. Keeping these sensors where they are safe from being exposed to rain or ice can help to extend the usable life of the exterior sensors for your automated doors.

What If You Need To Keep The Doors Open For Longer Periods Of Time?

Many businesses may need to be able to keep their doors open for extended periods of time when receiving deliveries or hosting major events. Fortunately, automated doors can be configured to stay open for as long as you need very easily. Many of these doors can also be set on a timer so that if no movement is detected near the door within a timeframe that you choose, it will close. This can avoid situations where you accidentally forget about these doors being open, which could contribute to a number of security risks as well as structural damages if storms move through while the doors are open.