Are Pipe Cleaning Products Destroying Your Plumbing System? Get An Inspection And New Product Options

If you can see that your drain covers are deteriorating and rusted from use over the years, and because you often pour chemicals to assist with clogs, you want to get a plumber to the property. Using chemicals and easy to purchase drain clog solutions may seem like the best way to get a quick fix for plumbing problems, but this method could be destroying the plumbing in your home.

The plumbing professionals will use a camera to look through the pipes and into the sewage lines to see if there are any problems. The cameras images can reveal lots of information about your pipes, and if the chemicals have done a lot of damage. Here are some of the things that you should be aware of and that you want to have checked out.

Piping Erosion and Risks

The chemicals aren't just tearing through the clogs that you have in the pipes, but they are also eroding the lining of the pipes and the pipes themselves, which can lead to many different types of problems.

You could have the pipes crumble at any time, leading to a leak in the home and complete plumbing reconstruction. You could also be releasing dangerous contaminants other than the chemicals like lead into the grey water and groundwater.  If you have been using many chemicals over the years, it's time to stop and get the pipes inspected.

Chemical Health Hazards to Fear

If the chemicals sit in the drains and get forgotten about, the toxins can pollute the air and be poisonous to inhale. They also are dangerous to touch and handle, or to store around the home. Avoid using them so you don't have to stress about safe storage, and also temperature controlled storage. Instead, check a plumbing supply store for non –damaging products for current and future use if you are often dealing with clogs.

New Piping Options

It may be time to get an estimate to replace the piping in the home that could have been damaged by the chemicals. New copper or metal piping will work, but a more affordable option may be to use PVC materials that are very popular. These materials are popular because they are easy to work with, they come in longer piping options than metal, and they are affordable.

If you have been using chemicals to maintain your drains and to help with clog problems, it's time to stop and you want to get a plumbing contractor to your home. A plumbing contractor can see if new pipes and drains are needed, if overuse of the chemicals has been a big problem, and if you need to make changes right now for the safety of the home and for your pipes. There are a lot of changes you can make that will actually improve the plumbing and value of the home. Contact a service, like Kelly's Pipe & Supply Company, for more help.