Four Tips for Your Pre-Remodeling Demolition

If you're planning on having a room in your home gutted and completely remodeled, then you know what comes first: demolition. Usually, you can save on construction costs by doing the demolition yourself. Then your builders can show up to transform an empty space rather than first having to tear out walls. Demolition is not difficult. After all, you're trying to destroy the room -- so mistakes aren't going to ruin your results! However, there are a few tips you can follow to make demolition easier.

Rent a Dumpster

Getting rid of all of the demolition waste can be a huge hassle. You'll have too much to just put in the trash, and most municipal waste services won't pick up construction debris anyways. A good solution is to rent a dumpster. Have it parked in your driveway, and you can just toss the construction debris inside as you create the waste. For a small room like a bedroom, bathroom, or small kitchen, a 20-yard dumpster should be spacious enough. If you are remodeling a large room or several rooms, play it safe with a 30-yard dumpster.

Buy a Sledgehammer

You could use a standard hammer or even a baseball bat to knock apart the walls, but there may be some strong, stubborn materials you can't smash with these items. So, buy or rent a sledgehammer. You can drop the sledgehammer straight down to break up tile, or swing it to smash up a wall. There's no building material too tough for this tool.

Wear Goggles

Debris will be flying when you're smashing the room apart. You do not want to get drywall or a shard of plaster in your eye. So wear a pair of goggles when you work. Look for a pair that seals tightly to your face so that the dust does not work its way through and irritate your eyes.

Give Yourself Extra Time

You may think demolishing a room is a quick, easy job, and it often is. But sometimes you encounter unexpected challenges during the process. A wall may not come down as easily as you would hope, or you may have trouble removing tile without pulling up the baseboards. Give yourself an extra day or two in case the demolition takes longer than planned.

If you rent a dumpster, give yourself more time, buy a sledgehammer, and wear goggles, your demolition project should go smoothly. For more information on dumpster rental, contact companies like Pro Star Roll Off Dumpsters.