4 Benefits of Renting a Crane Instead of Buying One

If you own a construction company, you are sure to know the importance of having the right tools and equipment needed to properly complete projects. However, it is impossible for small to medium construction companies to own every type of equipment, especially large pieces of construction equipment like cranes. One solution is to rent a crane as, needed. Some of the benefits of renting a crane instead of purchasing one include:


Purchasing a crane requires a very large financial investment, and it doesn't always make sense for a construction company to incur the expense. If your construction company uses a crane on ever project it completes, it may make sense to buy one. But if your projects only require the use of a crane a few times a year it makes much more sense financially to just rent a crane when you actually need it.

Cost of Ownership

The expenses associated with a crane does not cease after it is purchased. When a construction company buys a crane it will come with new expenses, such as insurance premiums and properly maintaining the crane. If a crane is not used on a regular basis, the cost of ownership can be high and a detriment to a company's bottom line in the long run. Renting a crane does not come with any of these extra costs—you will be responsible for the rental fee and the crane rental company will be responsible for taking care of the insurance and maintenance needs.

Access to a Variety of Equipment

One of the biggest benefits of renting a crane is the fact the construction equipment rental companies offer equipment in a variety of sizes and with different features. This means that each time your company needs to use a crane to complete a project you can rent one that is the perfect size and has the exact features you need. If your company owns a crane, you may find that you are limited in what it can be used for if it is too large or too small for a specific produce.

Newer Equipment

Most construction equipment rental agencies continually purchase new equipment so they can offer the best options to their customers. When you rent a crane, you can opt to select the latest equipment available, which may have noticeable advantages over models that are much older. If your company buys a crane, it will endure wear and tear each year and depreciate in value as it ages.