Need A Bathroom Remodel To Increase The Size? Tricks To Make It Bigger

If you are looking to make a small bathroom bigger, and you want to update the space and make renovations, you have to talk with the construction professionals about getting the work done. The bathroom in your home is one of the areas that get the most use, and it's an area that can add a lot of value to the home if it's updated properly. Here are some of the things you can talk with the remodelling contractor about, to get big results with your bathroom changes.

Wall Built-Ins             

A remodelling company can save you some space in the bathroom by creating built-in cabinets and shelving in between the studs in the walls. Great ideas and areas to implement this include:

  • In the shower to hold items as shelving
  • To create a mirror vanity that doesn't stick out of the wall
  • To reduce the depth of the cabinets in the walkway

These are just some great ways that you can benefit in a small space when you want to get more room.

Remove Tub or Bath Shells

If you have a large shower or tub shell that is taking up a lot of the space in the bathroom, you want to have it removed. If you don't need to have a bath tub in the pace, then just having a tile shower with glass doors can help make the spot lighter and seem larger. If you do need a tub, a smaller claw foot tub that doesn't take up as much space could help conserve some room.

Add Lighting

Adding lighting can help make the space seem a lot bigger, even if it isn't. A sky light or window to bring in natural light is great, but even just some new overhead lighting fixtures to brighten the area up can make a difference. Canned lighting is another great option.

If you want to make your bathroom bigger, talk with the construction professionals, like Albrecht & Son LLC, about these things. Getting cabinets that aren't as deep, a toilet that isn't as large, and changing the arrangements of some of the items in the space can make a big difference. You'll have to find out what changes will be the most beneficial for your particular bathroom and what the contractor thinks is worth the investment, and then you will want to go from there. The sooner you make the changes the sooner you can enjoy your space.