3 Tips to Keep Your Fridge in Good Condition

Just about every home these days has at least one refrigerator. The fridge is an appliance that we depend on to keep our food and drinks cold, and it's also something that can often be taken for granted until something goes wrong. If you want your fridge to continue functioning properly for years to come, you'll want to perform some regular maintenance tasks on it just like you would for any other part of your house. Here are three tips that will help keep your fridge running efficiently.

Keep It Filled

The more items you have inside your fridge, the easier it will be for the appliance to keep things cold. The cool food and drinks inside your fridge can help absorb the warm air that comes in whenever you open the door. If you prefer to eat out at restaurants a lot and don't have a ton of food in your fridge on any given day, go out and buy a few extra gallons of water and keep them in the back of the fridge. The extra items will help your fridge run more efficiently.

Clean the Coils Regularly

You should clean your fridge on a regular basis and that includes the coils. Your fridge's condenser coils are what do most of the work when it comes to keeping things chilled. Over time though, these coils can pick up dust and other debris that will cause the fridge to run less efficiently. Every 3 to 6 months, unplug the fridge and vacuum the coils with a brush attachment. On many units, you'll find the coils on the back but some fridges have coils on the bottom front, behind a grille.

Inspect the Door Seals and Make Sure You Always Shut the Door

If your fridge does not seal properly, you are going to have warm air seeping in, causing your fridge to work overtime to keep things cool. Periodically wipe down your door seals as food residue can often cause a problem. If it appears that the seal is not holding up like it once used to, you might need to get an appliance repair service to come out to your home with some replacement appliance parts.

Don't wait until something goes wrong with your fridge to start taking care of it. Periodically clean the fridge's coils and its door seals to keep things running efficiently. Try and keep the fridge as full as possible as extra food and drinks can help absorb any warm air that makes it into the fridge when you open the door.