Buy A Lake House On A Ravine Lot? Have An Inground Boat Garage Constructed

If you have purchased a lake house on a ravine lot and you want to have a garage for your boat built into the lot and near the house, there are some features and things you want to consider. There are a lot of neat things you can do to create a unique outdoor space and to protect your watercrafts. You have to hire a marine contractor from a company like Abbott's Construction Services Inc. to start the designs for you. Look into the following things.

Indoor Boat Garage and Patio

If you don't want to have your boat outdoors when it isn't in use, or if you don't want to only have the boat under a covered hoist, then you need to get a covered boat garage. A marine contractor can design and outdoor garage that covers the boat and has an automatic opening door for you to pull in with the boat. You can also have a patio on the top of the garage, so you can use the garage as an outdoor entertaining area as well, if you worry it will obstruct your views of the water.

Electric Hoist and Security System

Inside the garage you want to have an electric hoist installed. This means you can pull in and elevate your boat out of the water with a switch on the wall. You also want to have a security system installed so no one can get in the garage or to the boat when you have it closed.

Duel Docks Leading to Garage

Not only do you need to have the garage installed, but you also need to have docks designed as well. Get duel docks built so you can drive up with docks on each side of the boat for people to get out if you want, and in case you want to swim off the dock or use both sides for other watercrafts.

If you know that you want to have a custom made boat garage with hoist and security system, find one of the best marine contractors in your area to start drawing up the plans for you. You'll want to look at more than one estimate so you can see what different possibilities can be done with the waterfront, the ravine, and the space. This is going to add a significant amount of value to the property after it's completed and help you feel safe about your boat at night