Ready To Update An Old Commercial Building That Isn’t Efficient? Top Changes To Make

Are you updating an outdated commercial property where you run a business and you aren't sure what investments are worth the money and what's going to improve your business the most? There are some key appliances and choices that are going to make a big impact when it comes to improving the energy efficiency in the building, and to cut down utility spending. Here are a few considerations to make.

Solar Electricity

Talk with an electrician about having a solar power source put in, and you can cut down on your electrical costs. Once the solar unit is put in, which can be done on the roof or the side of the building where there is ample sunlight, it's easy to maintain your solar energy flow. Find an electrician in your area that specializes in this type of work or contact a company like All American Air & Electric, Inc.

Geothermal Heat Pump

A geothermal heat pump to heat the space will lower heating and cooling bills for your property throughout the year, and it could cut out your need to run central air conditioning. The pump works by taking heat from the atmosphere and the earth to heat your building. During the summer the machine takes the humidity in the air and the heat out, keeping the building dry and cool.

Grey Water Irrigation

Are you currently using a sprinkler system to water the yard? If so, you can use water that runs down the drains around the property and rainfall to water the exterior landscaping, instead of paying for city water or wasting clean water that could be used for drinking. Look into getting a system that recycles rain water and that recycles grey water from the building so you don't have to lose money every time you need to water the grass around the building.

You can have a green energy consultant come into the building to do an assessment, and to see where you are losing money and where you could save as you update the building. These are some great things you can start with if you want to cut down on the electrical, gas and water bills right away around the property. These changes aren't just going to help you cut down on your spending, but they'll also help to improve the property value of the building. Start saving energy and money to boost your profits for the business and update your old building right away.