Looking For A New Office? Keep Window Cleaning In Mind When Analyzing Your Options

With your own home, you can procrastinate with cleaning the outside because you do not have to impress anyone. But, running a business in an office means that you will have employees, other businesses, and people passing by that will see the office on a frequent basis. You do not want the office to look dirty as this will only make a poor impression of your business, and it can bring down the building's reputation. One of the primary aspects of keeping an office looking good is the windows. So, when looking for a new office, you should think about how window cleaning will affect your experience in your office.

Needing to Move Furniture Around

Windows are great because they are what brings natural light into your office. It has been proven that sunlight helps employees work more productively. So, opting for an office that has plenty of windows is a good idea, but you need to watch out for how much furniture you intend on placing by the windows. If you can afford to put the furniture a few feet away from them, you can enjoy minimal preparation before you have professional window cleaners come and clean the inside and outside of the windows.

Scheduling on the Weekend

When you only want to get the outside of the windows cleaned, you can make appointments on weekdays since they will be out of the way for your employees. But, this can cut into the productivity of your employees as the cleaners may be just enough of a distraction to make some people lose their focus. With this in mind, it's best to schedule cleaning for the weekend so that you won't see any drops in productivity inside the office.

Keep the Costs Low

Getting the inside and outside cleaned means you can expect to pay around $4 to $8 per window pane. This reasonable expense can turn into a major one when you have an office above the second story. So, if you want to keep costs on the lower side, you should look for offices on the first or second floor. To enjoy clean windows at all times, you will likely need to get window cleaning every two weeks or so. With furniture placed several feet away from the windows, you can avoid getting the inside too dirty. This way, you can just get exterior cleaning every other week and save the interior cleaning for once a month.

With how frequent you need to clean your office windows and how much it can cost in some situations, you will find it in your best interest to take commercial window cleaning into consideration when analyzing offices.