Want A Job At A Tube Bending Company? Three Reasons Why You Don’t Have To Be The Hulk To Work There

When someone mentions tube bending, you probably almost instantly think of a strong-armed person or the Incredible Hulk twisting metal pipes into pretzels. While this is an amusing look at tube bending, the fact remains that you do not have to have superhuman strength to bend tubes and pipes. In fact, if you would like a job in a tube bending company, you could have one. Here are three reasons why you do not have to be The Hulk to work in a tube bending factory.

1. Metal Fabrication and Plastics Processes Do the Bending for You

Tube bending metal pipes is part of a metal fabrication process. Usually the metal is heated up until it is soft, then it is carefully bent at perfect angles or it is carefully rounded into elbow pipe forms. Some metal pipe bending may also include welding to get sharper angles than the more frequently-requested right and one-hundred-plus degree angles. More acute angles (angles less than ninety degrees) may be created with the help of welding tools.

As for plastics, plastics almost always are bent and formed during their extruded or injected processes. During extrusion, melted plastic is forced through a form, which immediately hollows out the middles of pipes while shaping them in fully-formed angles. Injected processes inject melted plastic into a ready-made form that creates the perfect shape every time. 

2. The Companies That Do Tube Bending Are Almost Always Automated

Tube bending companies are almost always automated. It is a production line, and every station has a human worker or two overseeing the processes in action, prepping the stations and then cleaning up the stations after the shift ends. Most of the math and engineering involved is overseen by the company's engineers. Your basic, entry-level job in a tube bending company mostly entails setup, operations of machinery, checking for simple defects and passing the tubes and pipes on to the next station. Bending by human hands is rare and almost unheard of.

3. All of the Heavy Lifting Is Usually Done by Cranes and Other Machines

With your concerns about superhuman strength and tube bending set aside, you can also let go of any concerns you have about heavy lifting all of the pipes and tubes on which you work. Most of these companies have overhead cranes or heavy lifting machines that pick up and carry bundles of the finished tubes to a bin depository or a packaging area of the plant. If you are required to lift something heavy, you are expected to get assistance from others rather than attempt to lift it on your own. Most companies would not expect you to be The Hulk (and probably would prefer it if you did not look or act like the comic book character either). Contact a tube bending company for more information.