2 Simple Steps To Keep Your Roof In Tiptop Shape

You have a new roof on your home. Now, you want to make sure that you protect that investment. The best way to do that is with regular maintenance. Dirt, mold, and damaged shingles can reduce the life of your roof, so you want to take care of those problems as soon as possible. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions that will help you keep your roof in tiptop shape. 

Keep the Shingles Clean

You might think that the rain will keep your shingles clean. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Even if you live in an area with a lot of rain, your roof may need to be cleaned. There are two reasons important reasons why you should clean your shingles. First, it will remove dirt and oils from the surface of your roof. Second, it will remove any mold that might be growing there. Mold can grow under leaves and other debris that might be on your roof. Here's an easy way to keep your shingles clean.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Garden sprayer
  • Water
  • Liquid soap
  • Bleach
  • Stiff-bristled push broom
  • Hose


  1. Put your slip-resistant shoes on.
  2. Pour 2 gallons of water and 2 cups of bleach into the garden sprayer.
  3. Add 1 cup of liquid detergent to the bleach solution.
  4. Use the ladder to access the roof of your house.
  5. Beginning at the lowest edge of the roof, near the rain gutters, spray a generous amount of the bleach solution on a small section of the shingles.
  6. Scrub the area with your push broom before moving on to the next section.
  7. Work across the roof, moving up towards the top as you go.
  8. Once you've scrubbed all the shingles, rinse your roof with the garden hose.

Secure Loose and Curling Shingles

There are a few things that can work against your shingles. Those include aging and extreme weather conditions. During your roof inspections, you might see edges of your shingles that are curling. Curling can occur as your shingles age, or if they're exposed to extreme heat or cold. Luckily, curled edges are relatively simple to fix.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Roofing hammer
  • Roofing nails
  • Roofing cement
  • Paint brush
  • Whisk broom


  1. Put your gloves and slip-resistant shoes on.
  2. Climb up on your roof using your ladder.
  3. Slowly lift the edge of the curled shingle and use your whisk broom to sweep away the dirt and debris.
  4. Use the paint brush to apply a thin layer of roofing cement to the underside of the shingle.
  5. Press the shingle back in to place.
  6. Use your hammer to place several roofing nails along the edge of the shingle.

Now that you have a new roof on your home, you want it to stay in good condition. The instructions provided here will help you provide your roof with the care it needs. Go to website to learn more about roofing.