Your Home’s HVAC System: Electrical Components You Need to Maintain

To keep your home's HVAC system functioning properly, it is important to maintain its electrical components. In many cases, if one of these items wears out your system will stop working. By having these items inspected and replaced on a routine basis, it is easier to avoid a complete system breakdown.


Your HVAC system relies on several electrical components, but one area some people forget to check is the fuse box. The fuses inside this box help prevent an electrical charge from damaging the compressor.

The purpose of a fuse is to fail. When the fuse fails, it stops the electricity from going any further. Without a working fuse, a large amount of electricity will pass directly from the power line and into the compressor. This excess electricity will cause the compressor to stop working or it could start an electrical fire.

Unfortunately, fuses can degrade over time, which is why you need a technician to inspect them on a routine basis. If the technician finds a damaged fuse, they can pop out or unscrew the old one and replace it with a new fuse quickly.


Another electrical component you need to maintain is the capacitor. This piece sends electricity into the compressor when the HVAC system turns on. It works in the same manner as the alternator of your car, giving the system a quick jolt of energy to help wake up the system and get it moving.

When a capacitor is wearing out, the compressor will have to work harder to cool down your home. In this situation, the inside of your home may not reach the desired temperature and your HVAC system will run longer cycles as it tries to reach the right temperature.

If the capacitor is not working at all, the motor for the compressor will not run, which means the fan does not move as well. Unfortunately, when you have this problem your HVAC system completely shuts down.

To help prevent this issue, you want to have a technician check the capacitor and any electrical lines that lead to this piece. In some cases, the electrical lines are frayed, which causes the capacitor to lose power. However, if the capacitor is wearing out, then it is best to have the technician replace it so your HVAC system does not break down.

For many homeowners, their HVAC system is their main source of hot and cold air. To help keep this system running, it is imperative you know which electrical parts need to be checked routinely. By working with an HVAC company such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, you can maintain the system so it continues to function properly.