Tips For Getting The Most From Tree Services

Having the trees on your property professionally serviced may be a task that you have never had done before, but it can be critical in ensuring that your trees stay as healthy as possible. However, if you are inexperienced with these services, you may benefit from using the following couple of tips to ensure that you the most when from your tree service. 

Verify The Contractors Will Not Use Spikes When Working On The Tree

In order to reach the high branches of your tree, the contractors may have to climb up the tree. However, there are some of these professionals that use shoes with sharp spikes on them when climbing trees. This might not seem like a major problem, but the punctures made by these spikes can make the tree far more likely to develop an infection. 

Before you hire a tree service professional, you should verify that they do not use spikes when climbing the trees. These providers will often use specialized trucks that can lift workers to the needed branch. When these trucks are unable to reach the tree, a pulley-based system will be used to allow the branches to be reached without harming the tree. 

Have The Contractors Perform A Soil Test

Your trees require a variety of nutrients to stay healthy, but it is a fact that the soil they are in can slowly be depleted of these nutrients. As a result, the tree may start to experience a host of health problems. If you notice that your tree seems to be encountering health problems such as discoloration or slow growth, you should have a professional tree service professional perform a soil test. 

This test will allow the tree service professional to accurately tell you what nutrients you need to add to the soil to keep your tree as healthy as possible. Typically, these tests can be completed in the same day, which will help ensure you start getting the tree the nutrients it needs as soon as possible. 

Tree maintenance is one task that homeowners will commonly overlook, but it is a critical part of ensuring that your trees stay healthy and strong. By understanding the importance of only using tree service providers that do not use spikes when climbing and the benefits of having a soil test conducted, you will be better able to ensure that your trees are getting the most from these service visits. Contact a company like Smitty's Tree Service Inc for more information.