What Type Of Fencing Is Best For Livestock

For those who live on a farm and raise livestock, choosing the best fencing is a top priority. Livestock is somewhat expensive, and it is very important to be able to keep them contained to protect them from harm. However, not every type of fence will work for each type of livestock.The best type of fencing for your livestock depends mainly on the kind of farm animals you have. These are the best choices of fencing for some common types of livestock.

Cattle Fencing 

Barbed wire and woven wire have been used for containing cattle for many years. This type of fence prevents cattle from straying and may also prevent predators, such as coyotes, from getting in to harm the cattle. You may also want to add a strand of barbed wire above a woven wire fence for extra containment. This type of fence should be no less than 39 inches high.

Horse Fencing 

An important factor in choosing the right fencing for horses is that it must be highly visible. If the horses can easily see the fence, they will not run into it and get tangled. Wooden board fencing and wooden posts are ideal for containing horses. Since installing a wooden fence is very time consuming, it is a good idea to treat it so that it withstands weather conditions and lasts longer.

However, you can also use a wide-strand poly tape type of fencing that is electrified. This fencing is also easy for horses to see and will contain them sufficiently. Should you need to rearrange how your fence runs in the future, this type of fencing is much easier to move than wooden fencing.

Goat and Sheep Fencing 

Goats and sheep are often masterminds of escape. Therefore, it is best to use metal goat net wire fencing with closely spaced posts to contain them. This fencing will be strong enough to prevent the animals from breaking through and keep them contained to one area. Adding a strand of electrified fencing inside the net wire fencing will give you added security.

Choosing the best fencing for your livestock can make the difference between chasing and retrieving them all day and having the peace of mind that they are safely contained. Before investing in livestock, it is best to know what type of fencing you will need and have it already installed and ready for the animals when they first arrive on your property. For more information, contact a fencing company like Outdoor Fence Company.