Common Damage To Homes During Monsoon Storms

The North American monsoon season affects southwestern states in the U.S., and when monsoon moisture interacts with high temperatures it results in powerful localized storms that can cause a lot of damage to homes. High winds, torrential rain, massive dust walls, a lot of thunder and lightning, and occasional hail are hallmarks of monsoon storms, and while they can be mesmerizing to witness, the aftermath can be major. Some of the most common damage found in homes after a very strong monsoon storm includes:


Roof damage is one of the most common issues that homeowners face after a very bad monsoon storm hits their area. The majority of roof damage is caused by the extremely high winds associated with the strongest of these storms, and substantial damage can be caused if the storm produces a microburst. A microburst is caused by a sudden downdraft of air that can produce extremely high winds in a very localized area; when a microburst occurs during a monsoon storm, it can be capable of ripping whole sections of a roof off of a house. Severe hail storms are not a regular part of monsoon season, but they can occur and wreak havoc on the roof of a home. If your area experiences a particularly strong monsoon storm, roof damage may be obvious. But even if you can't detect damage visually, it is a good idea to hire a roofing contractor, like Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC, to inspect your roof for damage and make repairs as needed.


The desert in the southwestern portion of the United States does not receive a lot of rain annually, but it is not uncommon for one extremely strong storm to drop several inches of rain in a short amount of time. Most areas are not equipped to deal with large amounts of rainfall, and the ground is not able to absorb water fast enough, which can result in homes getting flooded by rain water. During the height of the storm you can try to block doors with towels, and continually mop up any water that flows into your home. After the storm has passed, contact a water restoration service as soon as possible to help you remove the water from your home and prevent mold growth.

Downed Trees

Monsoon winds often knock down small trees, and during a powerful storm the wind may knock down a large tree that you have had in your yard for years. If a fallen tree on your property has caused damage to your vehicle, your home, or your next door neighbor's home, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If there is no damage and your homeowners insurance does not cover the cost to remove downed trees, start getting bids from different tree service companies in your area.