4 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your New Roof

You finally got around to replace your old roof with this new one—a round of applause seems to be in order here. You want to make it worth the amount of money that you spent on it. You don't want to end up replacing your roof prematurely. Try taking preventative actions to take better care of your new roof, and prolong its lifespan. Here are four ways you can prolong the life of your new roof.

Clean the Gutters

Stop putting this one off—you know you have to clean the gutters. It's not even something you have to do too often either. Cleaning it the recommended two times a year can actually reduce the amount of roof repair you might have to do later.

Trim the Branches

Some people are lucky enough to live around low-landscapes and trees shorter than their house. Some other people, however, aren't so lucky. And those people need to watch out for these and trim the leaves and branches reaching for your roof. These leaves can collect moisture on your roof and decompose, bringing in more unwanted moisture. If the leaves are too deep in your roof, you might need to contact a professional to take care of the problem. (Not to mention these leaves can clog your gutters.)

Avoid the Ice

When it starts to get cold, or for those who live in perpetually cold and snowy areas, you're going to need to remove the snow off your roof between storms. Snow is just water in another form, and it will eventually melt and potentially create a leak in your house. If the ice has already formed, it's not recommended that you try removing it, as you could end up damaging your roof instead of helping it. Instead, look at your ventilation and insulation, as this could cause the ice to form as well.


Lastly, listen to your roof. If you hear things falling, especially after a big storm, take a look at your roof and watch out for anything that might be missing, cut, or hanging loose. Have a keen eye out for any possible damages that might have happened, but upon finding these damages, don't attempt to fix anything yourself. Make sure you contact a professional to evaluate your roof and fix the problem properly.

Taking care of your roof is like taking care of anything else you really care about. Routine inspections, calling an expert if something has happened, maintaining it clean and dry as you possibly can. Anytime you suspect that you may need roof repair, contact a professional like HomeTowne Roofing immediately, as waiting can worsen the problem.