How Your Plumber Will Clear The Blockage In Your Sewer Line

Plumbers have access to tools that most people do not. When you have a blockage in your sewer line that causes a back flow of sewage into your basement, you need a rooter service and not just a line clearing chemical. Chances are, you probably have some issues with your plumbing that you cannot see, which a plumber (such as those from Jubilee Plumbing Inc) can and can decipher what tools are best for seeing the clog and disposing of it.

The Plumber's Probe Camera Can See It

Even when nobody else can see what is causing the block in the sewer line, your plumber can. With the use of a mechanical probe camera, he can look down into the pipes and straight to the city sewer line. This is especially helpful in determining if the problem is really yours or the city's. If the blockage is beyond your connecting pipes, you will need to call the city's sewer and water treatment department to notify them that there is a serious problem causing sewage back up in your home. If the blockage is in your connecting line or in your home's pipes, the problem is your responsibility, and therefore your repair.

The Plumber's Auger Will Get It

Rooter service is pretty clear cut. Once the plumber locates the clog and ascertains that it is your problem, his auger does the rest. Most plumber's augers are nothing like the kind you buy at the hardware store. Instead, these are coiled around a spool and attached to an engine that pushes and feeds the auger through the pipes and into the sewer drain under your home. The plumber might repeat this process a couple of times until the auger returns with nothing stuck to it. Then he uses the camera again to verify that the drain is clear. The backed-up sewage will also begin to drain back down, indicating that he or she was successful.

Other Problems the Probe Camera Might Catch

The added benefit of having a plumber do this work is that his or her probe camera will be able to see other problems in your sewer line. Roots from trees and bushes, as well as breaks and leaking areas may be visible on the camera's screen. If and when these problems are spotted, your plumber may point them out to you or tell you about them, allowing you to make some decisions about advanced sewer line repair. If you choose not to repair them right away, you know you will have to address them soon to avoid fines from the city in which you live.