Six Stylish Solutions To Common Kitchen Conundrums

When you are planning to remodel or refurbish your kitchen, try some simple strategies to solve common issues and make your kitchen more functional. Whether you struggle with not enough light or an uninspired space, there are some easy and quick ways that you can remedy these kitchen conundrums during your home improvement projects. Try the following six fixes for common kitchen issues:

Change the color.

If you really want to transform your kitchen, change the color. It seems natural to go with bright and sunny colors in your kitchen, but for something different, go with a modern and crisp color that works well with both white and dark cabinetry: gray! Gray will make your kitchen seem larger, and looks great when accented with colors such as yellow, rose, cream, and brown.

The space is too small.

If your kitchen is small or configured poorly, try some tricks to make it seem bigger during your remodel. Shiny, reflective surfaces such as laminate counters or floors can give the space a larger feel, as do white cabinets and fixtures. Also, opt for mirrored tile backsplashes to make the area seem larger.

Lighten up the room.

Great light always helps a kitchen seem bigger, and makes it a more functional, practical space to work in. If your goal is a contemporary, sleek kitchen, go with recessed lighting fixtures that will be cohesive with your modern theme. Be sure to let as much natural light in through the windows as possible, utilizing cafe curtains or sheers instead of heavy window treatments.

Clean-up cooking clutter.

If you lack storage or are constantly fighting with the growing number of pots and pans in your kitchen, do something about it. Get these out of the way, but within reach, by hanging them up. Invest in a large pot rack to suspend from the ceiling, or gondolier-style metal shelving on the wall, to keep cookware out of the way but within sight.

Take the chill out of your kitchen.

If your modern kitchen has a cold or uninviting feeling, warm it up with some traditional furnishings and accents. These echo a vintage style that will take the chill out of an industrial or ultra-modern kitchen. Try a natural pine table and shaker-style chairs, for instance, to give your space a lived-in look.

Solve awkward storage and shelving.

The best way to deal with awkward, high shelving or hard-to-reach spaces is to only keep things there that you use infrequently. Store your fragile collectibles on high plate-racks or on the tops of kitchen cabinetry. Also, have your kitchen contractor install lazy Susan organizers under cabinets that have a lot of wasted space or challenging depths.

Add these projects to your kitchen remodeling plans to make your space a more convenient and more inspiring place to be. Whether you cope with a cluttered or an awkward kitchen, you can make your space more functional and aesthetically appealing with these strategies. The result will be a refurbished kitchen that is a pleasure to work and cook in! Visit Cascade Design/Build for more information.