2 Big Problems Caused By Excessive Snow

With winter fast approaching, the snow is already falling in many parts of the country. Sure, snow might not seem like that big of a deal to some, but it can cause more damage than you realize. While snow is pretty, it can leave you in need of a number of different repairs around your home. Consider some of the different problems snow might cause you this coming winter.

Roof Leaking and Caving Inside of the Home

Think about it: if you have inch after inch of snow piling up on your roof, it only makes sense that damage is going to follow. The snow can get rather heavy, thus causing your roof to start leaking and caving in around you. Before you know it, you could end up with your roof in the middle of your living room from the weight of the snow. If the roof doesn't cave in, you might at least come home to find a bunch of water puddles on your floor one day.

While your roof might be able to hold as much as four feet of fresh snow, it can only hold two feet of packed snow before you begin having problems. On the other hand, an inch of ice is the same weight as a foot of snow that has just fallen. One of the best things you can do to prevent your roof from collapsing in on you is to have the snow removed whenever it starts getting too thick. Snow rakes are one of the best options for getting rid of the snow in a safe and effective manner.

Electrical Outlets Shorting Out

As the snow starts to melt, it could end up leaking inside of your walls. With the snow leaking around your electrical outlets, it can cause them to short out and potentially start on fire. Not only do you end up with non-working outlets, but you have to call in a professional electrician to get to the root of the problem before it gets any worse. While an electrician might not be able to prevent problems from happening, they can replace any wiring or outlets that were destroyed by water damage.

Water works as a conductor. If the water touches against a short circuit, it can cause the ground wiring to trip on the inside of your electrical sockets. In turn, the fuses trip on your main power supply and electricity to your home might be disabled. Not getting this corrected right away could end up leading to water making its way through the socket and into the flooring where it becomes charged. Someone could step on the area and wind up being electrocuted. This isn't something you want to leave unattended. Call an electrician at Craftsman Electric for more information.

While the snow might not seem all that worrisome, the damage it can cause is far more than most want to deal with this winter.