How To Replace A Glass Pane In An Aluminum Window Frame

If you have an aluminum window frame with a broken windowpane, you can actually repair it yourself instead of taking it to a professional. The whole process will take a half hour, and require a couple basic tools.

Gathering Materials and Tools.

In order to get started with your window repair, you will need to gather these materials and tools.

  • Replacement glass pane
  • T-square
  • Hammer
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Glass cutter
  • Glazing putty
  • Silicone
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety gloves

Removing The Old Glazing Putty And Glass

You will need to remove all of the broken glass from the aluminum frame. You may want hold a trash bag under the window frame as you remove the loose pieces of broken glass.

Once all the pieces of glass are removed, use a hammer and a flathead screwdriver to peal off the old glazing putty that is on the perimeter of the aluminum frame. Once the majority of the glazing putty is gone, your putty knife can be used to get rid of any small pieces that are stuck to the frame. Old glazing putty is going to be dry and troublesome to remove completely, but you have to remove it all to make sure the new window fits.

Measuring And Cutting The Glass Pane

Measure the inside of the aluminum window frame to determine the size of glass you need to cut. Keep in mind that it is better for the glass to be slightly smaller than to be slightly bigger. It can be very difficult to trim small portions of glass in order to make glass fit if it is too large.

Use your t-square to help create a straight edge to guide the glass cutter, as the line that you score across the glass should be perfectly straight. Once you have made the initial cut place the piece of glass over a table edge. Make sure you are wearing your safety glasses and gloves, as you need to apply some pressure to snap the piece of glass in half.

Installing The Glass

You will then apply silicone in a continuous bead on the entire edge of the aluminum window frame. Once the silicone is in place, you can place the piece of glass in the frame. Then apply glazing putty to the opposite side of the window frame in a similar fashion, forming a seal between the glass and the frame. The glazing putty and silicone will dry, and your window will be repaired.

By repairing your broken windowpane on your own, you will save yourself the costs of having it professionally repaired. However, if you find the job too difficult or doubt your ability to do it properly, contact professionals such as Window Repairmen.