How To Connect Your Own Washer And Dryer Set

Did you purchase a washer and dryer that came without installation? Perhaps it was delivered while you weren't home--or maybe it was a used set. Either way, connecting a washer and dryer is actually a relatively simple process. Unfortunately, if you get it wrong, you could be looking at some water damage.

Attaching the Washer

The washer is a little harder to attach than the dryer. If you already have a washer installed, turn off the two spigots behind the washer before you proceed--they are your hot and cold water pipes. Detach the old washer completely. Your new washer should have two thin hoses and one thicker hose. Begin with the two thin hoses. Attach one to the hot water spigot and one to the cold water spigot (you don't need to know which is which, just make sure the hoses don't cross; one will always be on the left side and the other will always be on the right side). 

Once you've attached the two thin hoses, you should attach the thicker hose. Simply work the non-bent end of the hose onto the pipe at the bottom of the washer. Securely fasten it by tightening the circular clamp on the hose, right where it meets the pipe. The bent end of the hose will be hooked into your drainage area, which is a small hole in your wall. If you do not have a drainage area, the hose needs to be hooked onto a sink or be led outside.

Attaching the Dryer

Attaching the dryer is a somewhat simpler maneuver, but it's still extremely important to get it right. Your dryer should come with a duct hose: a thick, lightweight silver tube. There should be two circular clamps, which you should thread onto the hose before you start. Begin with the dryer pulled out just enough for you to fit into the area. Place one end of the hose onto the dryer. Work one of the circular clamps down to the edge, about an inch away from the dryer, and then tighten the screw on the clamp. Repeat this process by attaching the other end of the hose to the wall and again tightening the second clamp. 

Once you have completed the above processes, you can turn on both your hot water and cold water spigots and then plug each item in. Run your washer and dryer set once to test it out. You should be watching for two things: a sudden increase in either heat or water on the floor. If there is an increase in heat in the room, the dryer probably isn't attached properly to the wall. If there is water on the floor, one of the hoses is likely loose. 

To get help with installation, visit a contractor's website, such as